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What is most important in human life? That he realizes the following thoughts. He sets out his own goal or goals that are most important to him. This will create the main priorities of its activities and actions. Gets a picture of what is important to him and what is not. And he will do everything he can to his goal. And all of this leads to a calm of his mind, a feeling of joy and satisfaction, and to his health for a very long time.

My aim is to connect scientific conclusions in the field of physics, medicine and philosophical conception of one's being and existence with one's own knowledge in the field of psychotronics or healing. All in all, it seems to me that everything has a physical basis in the field of electromagnetic fields, and there are many unknown fields of science that would be able to describe the reaction of humans or living organisms to the effects of close beings, and especially the healer. Similarly, it explains the problem detection function of man and pendulum, and everything around the electromagnetic field. But also in the physical realm, "dark energy", "dark matter", "black hole" and many similar terms. All this has one yet unknown basis.

I have been working in the fields of magnetic resonance imaging, measurement in electrical engineering, mental diagnostics and therapy. If you are interested in what connects all these areas, take a closer look at these pages.

Last modified: 18.11.2019